Top 5 best gifts for new parents

We've all been there, wanting to celebrate the birth of your friends'/family's new child then it getting to a couple of days before you pop round - and realising you have absolutely no idea what to take with you to meet the new bubba! 

If you're stuck for gift ideas, we're here to help! These are the Bumblebee Boxes team's top 5 gifts for new parents on the birth of a new baby. 

1. Meal prep

Frozen meals / a meal subscription / a quick Deliveroo order!

There's nothing better than a home cooked meal, especially one you can grab out the freezer and heat up. Cook up a batch of easy wins (spag bol, soup, curry, etc) that can be heated up in no time! 

But...if you're not much of a chef, we suggest COOK frozen meals (who have 10% off for new parents) or surprising them with a Deliveroo order delivered to their door! 

2. A bag of necessities

This doesn't need to be expensive, but should be full of things new parents can't do without (ideally biodegradable, but we know that's not always possible!).

Baby: nappies, cotton wool, baby wipes, bibs, clothes for ages 3-6 months onwards, ecological nappies, etc.

New mums and dads: face wipes, dry shampoo, chocolate, champagne (if they can face it!), bamboo face cloths, toiletries essentials (so they don't need to leave the house!). 

3. Swaddles

Swaddles, muslins and more swaddles! They are perfect for EVERYTHING. Wiping spit, sick, spillages (and everything in between), a security blanket for the baby as it grows, and a cover-up when breastfeeding - they are so useful. 

We've got super cute black and white swaddles here.


4. Sleep aids

White noise and lavender essential oils - key for new parents to try and get some sleep! 

From download a white noise 'song' onto an old iphone or CD & player, to lavender bath and shampoo (such as this) and blackout curtains - basically any parent will be pleased with a gift that may help a baby get some sleep! 


5. And finally, a Bumblebee Box!

You just knew we were going to say that...!😉

But it's true - Bumblebee Boxes are an easy win, delivered within 2 working days and with a range of letterbox products, the new parents or you don't even need to be home.

A mix of cute, ethical and design-led baby gifts - the new parents will love the thoughtful gifts!



Let us know your favourite gifts - are any missing? Comment below 👇

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